Expenditure Tips for You if You Earn $70K a Year

Most of us dream about having a salary of around $70K a year and we have a checklist prepared on how to splurge on that money once we receive it. After receiving a salary of such an amount we tend to extravagantly spend all the money on needless things. Continue reading

Reasons Not to Buy Shares

Investing in the stock market is more of a gamble. It is a market characterized by volatile obstacles during trading, where people buy and sell shares and gain profits or incur loses depending on the rate of the stock on a particular day. Continue reading

How to repair your credit score

Getting a good credit score is not a single day job, it takes time. It needs careful examination and monitoring of your daily credit history and obviously planning of your finances and expenditures. Continue reading

6 Tips for repairing bad credit history

Nobody is exempt from financial troubles, even when you have been cautious and paid on time your debts. An accident can happen and damage your hard-earned credit history. Here are some tips for you to repair it in no time. Continue reading

4 Handy Apps You Should Use to Manage Your Finance Effectively

Finance management is a hard nut to crack, but watchful monitoring of your expanding patterns and expenses can be beneficial in difficult times. Prudent spending and careful budgeting save your hard earned cash. Effective finance management makes you aware of your financial circumstances, helps you to accomplish your goals, imparts objectivity and financial security of your family, considers the risk tolerance and provides a nice cushion in the form of desirable assets.

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5 Ways to Become Independently Wealthy

Becoming independently wealthy may seem like a difficult thing but there is a very easy way of breaking the chains and starting the climb towards improved financial strength. We are providing some basic guidelines that can be applied to anyone, regardless of their background.

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